The surgeon told him...

Robinson Crusoe (Penguin Classics)The surgeon told him how far we were going, and that it would carry him away from all his friends, and put him, perhaps, in as bad circumstances almost as those we found him in, that is to say, starving in the world. He said it mattered not whither he went, if he was but delivered from the terrible crew that he was among; that the captain (by which he meant me, for he could know nothing of my nephew) had saved his life, and he was sure would not hurt him; and as for the maid, he was sure, if she came to herself, she would be very thankful for it, let us carry them where we would. The surgeon represented the case so affectionately to me that I yielded, and we took them both on board, with all their goods, except eleven hogsheads of sugar, which could not be removed or come at; and as the youth had a bill of lading for them, I made his commander sign a writing, obliging himself to go, as soon as he came to Bristol, to one Mr. Rogers, a merchant there, to whom the youth said he was related, and to deliver a letter which I wrote to him, and all the goods he had belonging to the deceased widow; which, I suppose, was not done, for I could never learn that the ship came to Bristol, but was, as is most probable, lost at sea, being in so disabled a condition, and so far from any land, that I am of opinion the first storm she met with afterwards she might founder, for she was leaky, and had damage in her hold when we met with her.

گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
جراح به او گفت ، چقدر ما به رفتن بود ، و آن که او را حمل
دور از تمام دوستان او ، و او را قرار دهید ، شاید در شرایطی به عنوان بد
تقریبا تا آن ما او را در بر داشت ، که این است که می گویند ، قحطی زده در جهان است.
او گفت : آن پرسش میرسیم نیست کجا رفت و او ، اگر او از تحویل داده شد اما
خدمه وحشتناک است که او در میان بود که کاپیتان (که توسط او به معنی به من ،
برای او می تواند چیزی از برادرزاده من است) بدانند زندگی اش را ذخیره کرده بود ، و او بود
مطمئن شوید که به او صدمه دیده است نیست ؛ و به عنوان خدمتکار برای او مطمئن بود ، اگر او آمد
خودش ، او خواهد بود برای آن بسیار سپاسگزار ، اجازه انجام آنها را به ما که در آن ما
می. جراح به نمایندگی مورد پس روی محبت به من که من
yielded ، و ما آنها را به هیئت مدیره هر دو در گرفت ، با کلیه کالاهای خود را ، به جز
یازده hogsheads شکر ، که نمی تواند حذف و یا در آمد و به عنوان
جوانان به حال بارنامه برای آنها ، من به فرمانده خود را امضا
نوشتن ، خود را برای رفتن اماده خدمت ، به محض آن ، او به بریستول آمده ، به یک
آقای راجرز ، یک تاجر وجود دارد ، آنها را به جوانان گفت که او ، مربوط بود و
وفای به عهد نامه ای که من به او نوشت ، و همه کالاها به حال او
متعلق به بیوه مرحوم ؛ که ، من فرض کنید ، انجام نداده بود ، برای من
هرگز میتوانست یاد بگیرد که کشتی به بریستول آمده بود ، اما ، به عنوان بیشترین
احتمالی ، گم در دریا ، که در پس معلول شرایط ، و تا کنون از
هر گونه زمین ، که من عقیده هستم او با اولین طوفان پس از آن دیدار کرد
او ممکن است بنیان گذار ، برای او چکه کن ، و به حال او را نگه آسیب در هنگامی که ما
ملاقات با او.

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