The youth, who was p...

The Further Adventures of Robinson CrusoeThe youth, who was preserved at the price of his most affectionate mother's life, was not so far gone; yet he lay in a cabin bed, as one stretched out, with hardly any life left in him. He had a piece of an old glove in his mouth, having eaten up the rest of it; however, being young, and having more strength than his mother, the mate got something down his throat, and he began sensibly to revive; though by giving him, some time after, but two or three spoonfuls extraordinary, he was very sick, and brought it up again.

گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
جوانان ، که در قیمت خود را بیشتر حفظ شود مهربان بود
زندگی مادر ، نبود تا کنون رفته ؛ رتبهدهی نشده است او در تخت خواب کابین غیر روحانی ، به عنوان یکی
کشیده کردن ، با هر سختی زندگی او را در سمت چپ. او یک تکه
دستکش های قدیمی را در دهان او ، داشتن خورده تا بقیه از آن ، اما در حال
جوان ، قوت و داشتن بیش از مادر او ، همسر کردم چیزی
گلو پایین او ، و او شروع کرد به sensibly زنده خوهد شد ؛ هر چند با دادن او را ،
مدتی پس از آن ، اما دو یا سه spoonfuls فوق العاده بود بسیار
بیمار و آن را آورده تا دوباره.
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