I paused a while at ...

I paused a while at his words, and looking steadily at him, "What devil,"
said I, "sent you on this unlucky errand?" My nephew stared as if he had
been frightened at first; but perceiving that I was not much displeased
at the proposal, he recovered himself. "I hope it may not be an unlucky
proposal, sir," says he. "I daresay you would be pleased to see your new
colony there, where you once reigned with more felicity than most of your
brother monarchs in the world." In a word, the scheme hit so exactly
with my temper, that is to say, the prepossession I was under, and of
which I have said so much, that I told him, in a few words, if he agreed
with the merchants, I would go with him; but I told him I would not
promise to go any further than my own island. "Why, sir," says he, "you
don't want to be left there again, I hope?" "But," said I, "can you not
take me up again on your return?" He told me it would not be possible to
do so; that the merchants would never allow him to come that way with a
laden ship of such value, it being a month's sail out of his way, and
might be three or four. "Besides, sir, if I should miscarry," said he,
"and not return at all, then you would be just reduced to the condition
you were in before."

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