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But this is a digres...
ساعت ۱:٢۱ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۳۱ 
Rebilius Cruso: Robinson Crusoe in LatinBut this is a digression: I return to my landing. It would be needless to take notice of all the ceremonies and civilities that the Spaniards received me with. The first Spaniard, whom, as I said, I knew very well, was he whose life I had saved. He came towards the boat, attended by one more, carrying a flag of truce also; and he not only did not know me at first, but he had no thoughts, no notion of its being me that was come, till I spoke to him. "Seignior," said I, in Portuguese, "do you not know me?" At which he spoke not a word, but giving his musket to the man that was with him, threw his arms abroad, saying something in Spanish that I did not perfectly hear, came forward and embraced me, telling me he was inexcusable not to know that face again that he had once seen, as of an angel from heaven sent to save his life; he said abundance of very handsome things, as a well-bred Spaniard always knows how, and then, beckoning to the person that attended him, bade him go and call out his comrades. He then asked me if I would walk to my old habitation, where he would give me possession of my own house again, and where I should see they had made but mean improvements. I walked along with him, but, alas! I could no more find the place than if I had never been there; for they had planted so many trees, and placed them in such a position, so thick and close to one another, and in ten years' time they were grown so big, that the place was inaccessible, except by such windings and blind ways as they themselves only, who made them, could find.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
اما این گریز است : من به فرود من را برگردانید. این امر می تواند بی نیاز
گرفتن اخطار از همه مراسم و civilities که Spaniards
دریافت با من. اسپانیولی اول ، آنها را ، تا من گفتم : من می دانستم که خیلی خوب ،
او که زندگی اش شده بود نجات من بود. او به سمت قایق آمد ، با حضور یکی از
در ادامه ، حمل پرچم آتش بس نیز ، و او نه تنها به من نمی دانم در
اول ، اما افکار او نداشت ، هیچ مفهوم آن می شود به من بود که آمد ،
تا من به او صحبت کرد. "آقا ، گفت :" من ، به زبان پرتغالی ، "شما نمی دانید
من؟ "سخن گفت که او در یک کلمه نیست ، بلکه دادن شاهین کوچک نر خود را به مردی که
با او بود ، انداخت اسلحه خود را در خارج از کشور ، که چیزی گفته باشد که من به زبان اسپانیایی
آیا کاملا نمی شنوند ، آمد جلو و در آغوش من ، به من گفتن بود
غیر قابل توجیه نمی دانم که چهره او باز هم یک بار دیده بود ، تا
فرشته از آسمان فرستاده شده برای نجات زندگی اش ، او گفت : بسیار فراوان
چیزهایی خوش تیپ ، به عنوان با تربیت اسپانیولی همیشه می داند که چگونه ، و سپس ،
beckoning به فرد است که او حضور داشتند ، bade او بروید و او را از تماس
رفقا. او سپس از من پرسید اگر من به منزل قدیمی من ، راه برود که در آن
او مرا در اختیار داشتن از خانه خود من را دوباره ، و من از کجا باید مشاهده کنید
اما آنها ساخته شده بود. متوسط بهبود. من راه رفته همراه با او ، اما ، افسوس!
من که بیشتر می تواند پیدا کنید اگر من از محل شده بود ، هرگز وجود دارد ، برای آنها
بنابراین بسیاری از درختان کاشته شده بود ، و آنها را در چنین موقعیتی قرار داده ، بنابراین با ضخامت
و نزدیک به یکدیگر ، و در زمان ده سال رشد کرده بودند تا بزرگ ،
که در محل غیر قابل دسترس بود ، به جز توسط سیم پیچ مانند و کور راه
به عنوان آنها فقط خودشان را ، که آنها را ساخته ، می تواند پیدا کنید.

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As we went on shore ...
ساعت ۱:٠۱ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۳۱ 
Robinson Crusoe: The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, of York, Mariner: Who Lived Eight and Twenty Years all Alone in an Uninhabitated Island on the Coast of America, Near the Mouth of the Great River of Orinoco (Having Been Cast on Shore by Shipwreck, Wherein all the Men Perished but Himself, With an Account How He Was at Last as Strangely Delivered by Pirates)As we went on shore upon the tide of flood, near high water, we rowed directly into the creek; and the first man I fixed my eye upon was the Spaniard whose life I had saved, and whom I knew by his face perfectly well: as to his habit, I shall describe it afterwards. I ordered nobody to go on shore at first but myself; but there was no keeping Friday in the boat, for the affectionate creature had spied his father at a distance, a good way off the Spaniards, where, indeed, I saw nothing of him; and if they had not let him go ashore, he would have jumped into the sea. He was no sooner on shore, but he flew away to his father like an arrow out of a bow. It would have made any man shed tears, in spite of the firmest resolution, to have seen the first transports of this poor fellow's joy when he came to his father: how he embraced him, kissed him, stroked his face, took him up in his arms, set him down upon a tree, and lay down by him; then stood and looked at him, as any one would look at a strange picture, for a quarter of an hour together; then lay down on the ground, and stroked his legs, and kissed them, and then got up again and stared at him; one would have thought the fellow bewitched. But it would have made a dog laugh the next day to see how his passion ran out another way: in the morning he walked along the shore with his father several hours, always leading him by the hand, as if he had been a lady; and every now and then he would come to the boat to fetch something or other for him, either a lump of sugar, a dram, a biscuit, or something or other that was good. In the afternoon his frolics ran another way; for then he would set the old man down upon the ground, and dance about him, and make a thousand antic gestures; and all the while he did this he would be talking to him, and telling him one story or another of his travels, and of what had happened to him abroad to divert him. In short, if the same filial affection was to be found in Christians to their parents in our part of the world, one would be tempted to say there would hardly have been any need of the fifth commandment.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
همانطور که در ساحل بر جزر و مد از سیل رفت ، در نزدیکی آب زیاد ، ما rowed
به طور مستقیم به نهر و اولین مردی من ثابت شد بر چشم من
اسپانیولی زندگی اش در من شده بود نجات داد ، و من از آنها چهره خود را کاملا می دانستند
خوب : تا به عادت او ، من باید آن را بعد از آن است توصیف میکند. من دستور داد هیچ کس
برای رفتن در ساحل ، اما من خودم در ابتدا ؛ اما هیچ نگهداری در جمعه وجود دارد
قایق ، برای موجودی مهربان بود پدرش را در spied
از راه دور ، راه خوب شدن Spaniards ، که در آن ، در واقع ، من تو را دیدم چیزی از
او را ، و اگر آنها به حال اجازه نمی دهد او را در ساحل بروم ، او می توانست به jumped
دریا. به محض او در ساحل است ، اما او دور پرواز به پدرش می خواهم
arrow خارج از تعظیم. آن را ساخته اند که هر مرد ریختن اشک ، به رغم
firmest قطعنامه ، به حمل و نقل را دیده اند ، اولین بار از این فقیر
شادی رفیق هنگامی که او به پدر خود دست پیدا کرد : چگونه او را در آغوش ، شاهو بوسید او را ،
stroked صورتش ، او را گرفت تا در آغوش او ، مجموعه ای او را پایین بر درخت ، و
غیر روحانی کردن توسط او و سپس ایستاد و به او نگاه کردند ، که هر یک را در یک نگاه
تصویر عجیب ، برای یک چهارم از یک ساعت با هم و سپس کم کردن غیر روحانی
زمین ، stroked و پاهای او ، و آنها شاهو بوسید ، و سپس بلند شده و دوباره
خیره شد در او یکی می توانست فکر شخص bewitched. اما می
را ساخته اند سگ خنده در روز بعدی را به خود دید که چگونه شور و فرار از دیگری
روش : در صبح او همراه با پدرش در ساحل پیاده طی چندین
ساعت ، همواره او را برجسته شده توسط دست ، اگر او به عنوان بانوی شده بود ؛ و
در هر حال حاضر و سپس او را به قایق به اوردن چیزی یا دیگر آمد
برای او ، چه در کلوخه از شکر ، درام ، بیسکویت ، و یا چیزی و یا سایر
بود که خوب است. در بعد از ظهر frolics او زد راه دیگر ؛ و سپس برای او
که پیرمرد بر زمین پایین تعیین می کنند ، و رقص در مورد او ، و ایجاد
هزار حرکات antic ؛ و همه او در حالی که او این خواهد بود
صحبت کردن با او را ، و گفتن او را یک داستان و یا یکی دیگر از سفر او ، و
از آنچه اتفاق افتاده بود او را به خارج از کشور به او منحرف. به طور خلاصه ، اگر همان
محبت فرزندی بود که در مسیحیان می شود به پدر و مادر خود را در ما یافت نشد
بخشی از جهان ، یکی خواهد بود به وسوسه می گویند که به سختی وجود داشته
شده است هر گونه نیاز به فرمان پنجم.

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As soon as Friday to...
ساعت ۱٢:٤۱ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۳۱ 
CliffsNotes on Defoe's Robinson CrusoeAs soon as Friday told me he saw people, I caused the English ancient to be spread, and fired three guns, to give them notice we were friends; and in about a quarter of an hour after we perceived a smoke arise from the side of the creek; so I immediately ordered the boat out, taking Friday with me, and hanging out a white flag, I went directly on shore, taking with me the young friar I mentioned, to whom I had told the story of my living there, and the manner of it, and every particular both of myself and those I left there, and who was on that account extremely desirous to go with me. We had, besides, about sixteen men well armed, if we had found any new guests there which we did not know of; but we had no need of weapons.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
به محض این که جمعه به من گفت که او مردم را دیدم ، من ناشی از کهن های انگلیسی به
پخش می شود ، و اخراج سه اسلحه ، به آنها خبردادن از دوستان ما بودند ؛ و
در حدود یک چهارم از یک ساعت بعد از ما تصور دود ناشی از
کنار نهر ؛ بنابراین من بلافاصله دستور داد قایق بیرون ، گرفتن جمعه
با من و حلق آویز کردن پرچم سفید ، من به طور مستقیم در ساحل رفتند ، گرفتن
با من راهب صومعه جوان هم اشاره کردم ، آنها به من گفته بود داستان من
زندگی وجود ندارد ، و شیوه ای از آن را ، و هر دو خاص از خودم
و کسانی که من سمت چپ وجود دارد ، و بود که در آن حساب بسیار مشتاق به
برو با من. ما بود ، علاوه بر این ، در حدود شانزده و مردان مسلح ، اگر ما به حال
یافت نشد هیچکدام از مهمان های جدید وجود دارد که ما از دانش نیست ؛ اما ما نیاز نداشت

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Thus coasting from o...
ساعت ۸:٢٥ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۳٠ 
The Life and Most Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York MarinerThus coasting from one island to another, sometimes with the ship, sometimes with the Frenchman's shallop, which we had found a convenient boat, and therefore kept her with their very good will, at length I came fair on the south side of my island, and presently knew the very countenance of the place: so I brought the ship safe to an anchor, broadside with the little creek where my old habitation was. As soon as I saw the place I called for Friday, and asked him if he knew where he was? He looked about a little, and presently clapping his hands, cried, "Oh yes, Oh there, Oh yes, Oh there!" pointing to our old habitation, and fell dancing and capering like a mad fellow; and I had much ado to keep him from jumping into the sea to swim ashore to the place.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
بنابراین coasting از یک جزیره به محل دیگر و گاهی اوقات با کشتی ،
گاهی اوقات با کرجی پارویی فرانسوی ، که ما راحت پیدا شده است
قایق ، او را نگه داشته و در نتیجه با آنها بسیار خوب خواهد شد ، در طول من آمد
منصفانه در ضلع جنوبی جزیره من ، و در حال حاضر دانست که بسیار
پشتیبانی کردن از محل : بنابراین من به ارمغان آورد و کشتی امنی برای لنگر ،
سطح پهن هرچیزی را با نهر کوچک که در آن منزل قدیمی من بود. به محض
من تو را دیدم برای من جای جمعه نامیده می شود ، و اگر خواست او را می دانست که در آن او
بود؟ وی در مورد نگاه کمی ، و در حال حاضر کف زدن دست او ، گریه ،
"آه بله ، وجود دارد آه ، آه بله ، آه وجود دارد!" با اشاره به سکونت های قدیمی ما ، و
سقوط capering رقص و مانند یک شخص دیوانه و من مجبور بودم ado زیادی برای نگه داشتن
او را از پریدن در دریا شنا در ساحل به محل.

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I was now in the lat...
ساعت ٧:٤٦ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۳٠ 
Robinson Crusoe (Barnes & Noble Classics Series) (B&N Classics)I was now in the latitude of 19 degrees 32 minutes, and had hitherto a tolerable voyage as to weather, though at first the winds had been contrary. I shall trouble nobody with the little incidents of wind, weather, currents, &c., on the rest of our voyage; but to shorten my story, shall observe that I came to my old habitation, the island, on the 10th of April 1695. It was with no small difficulty that I found the place; for as I came to it and went to it before on the south and east side of the island, coming from the Brazils, so now, coming in between the main and the island, and having no chart for the coast, nor any landmark, I did not know it when I saw it, or, know whether I saw it or not. We beat about a great while, and went on shore on several islands in the mouth of the great river Orinoco, but none for my purpose; only this I learned by my coasting the shore, that I was under one great mistake before, viz. that the continent which I thought I saw from the island I lived in was really no continent, but a long island, or rather a ridge of islands, reaching from one to the other side of the extended mouth of that great river; and that the savages who came to my island were not properly those which we call Caribbees, but islanders, and other barbarians of the same kind, who inhabited nearer to our side than the rest.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
من در حال حاضر در بود عرض 19 درجه و 32 دقیقه ، و به حال سابق بر
قابل تحمل به عنوان سفر به آب و هوا ، اگر چه در ابتدا به بادها شده است
خلاف. من نباید هیچ کس دچار مشکل با حوادث کمی از باد ،
آب و هوا ، جریان ، & c. ، در بقیه از سفر ما ، اما به من کوتاه
داستان ، باید دید که من به منزل قدیمی من آمد ، جزیره ، در
10th of April 1695. آن را با هیچ مشکل کوچکی بود که من در بر داشت
محل ؛ برای که من به آن آمد و رفت و قبل از آن را در جنوب و شرق
از طرف جزیره ، آینده از Brazils ، بنابراین در حال حاضر ، در آینده بین
اصلی و جزیره ، و نداشتن چارت برای ساحل ، و نه هیچ
نقطه ی عطف بود ، من آن را نمی دانید وقتی که من آن را دیدم ، یا ، بدانند که آیا من آن را دیدم و یا
نیست. در حالی که ما در مورد بزرگ ضرب ، و در ساحل در جزایر چندین رفت
در دهان بزرگ رودخانه Orinoco ، اما هیچ کدام برای هدف من ، من تنها
این من من coasting ساحل ، که من در زیر یکی از بزرگ آموخته بود
اشتباه قبل ، viz. که در این قاره است که من فکر کردم دیدم من از
جزیره من در زندگی واقعا هیچ قاره بود ، اما جزیره ای طولانی ، و یا نه
خط الراس از جزایر ، از رسیدن به سمت دیگر تمدید
دهان که از رودخانه بزرگ ؛ و savages که آمد به جزیره من
نبودند به درستی آن که ما تماس Caribbees ، اما جزیره نشینان ، و دیگر
وحشی از نوع همین که نزدیکتر را به سمت ما را نسبت به ساکنان

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The young lad was ab...
ساعت ۱:۳٢ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۳٠ 
Robinson CrusoeThe young lad was about seventeen years of age, a pretty, well-bred, modest, and sensible youth, greatly dejected with the loss of his mother, and also at having lost his father but a few months before, at Barbadoes. He begged of the surgeon to speak to me to take him out of the ship; for he said the cruel fellows had murdered his mother: and indeed so they had, that is to say, passively; for they might have spared a small sustenance to the poor helpless widow, though it had been but just enough to keep her alive; but hunger knows no friend, no relation, no justice, no right, and therefore is remorseless, and capable of no compassion.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
غلام جوان بود در مورد هفده سال سن ، زیبا ، با تربیت ،
نسبتا کم ، و معقول جوانان ، به شدت با از دست دادن مادر خود را منکوب ،
و همچنین در داشتن از دست داده ، اما پدرش چند ماه قبل ، در Barbadoes.
او از جراح خواسته به صحبت به من را به خود خواهد برد ، از کشتی ، برای
او گفت : همراهان در مقابل مجازات بیرحمانه به قتل مادر خود آمده است : و در واقع به طوری که آنها
بود ، که این است که می گویند ، منفعلانه ، برای آنها ممکن است بخشوده کوچک
معاش به بیوه فقیر بی چاره ، اگر چه آن شده بود ، اما فقط به اندازه کافی
به زنده نگه داشتن او ؛ اما گرسنگی می داند دوست ندارد ، عدم ارتباط ، بدون عدالت ،
حق ندارند ، و بنابراین ظالم است ، و قادر به هیچ شفقت.

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But the next care wa...
ساعت ۱٢:۳۸ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۳٠ 
The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York MarinerBut the next care was the poor maid: she lay all along upon the deck, hard by her mistress, and just like one that had fallen down in a fit of apoplexy, and struggled for life. Her limbs were distorted; one of her hands was clasped round the frame of the chair, and she gripped it so hard that we could not easily make her let it go; her other arm lay over her head, and her feet lay both together, set fast against the frame of the cabin table: in short, she lay just like one in the agonies of death, and yet she was alive too. The poor creature was not only starved with hunger, and terrified with the thoughts of death, but, as the men told us afterwards, was broken-hearted for her mistress, whom she saw dying for two or three days before, and whom she loved most tenderly. We knew not what to do with this poor girl; for when our surgeon, who was a man of very great knowledge and experience, had, with great application, recovered her as to life, he had her upon his hands still; for she was little less than distracted for a considerable time after.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
اما مراقبت های بعدی دختر فقیر شد : همه در کنار گذاردن او بر عرشه کشتی ،
سخت شده توسط دلبر او ، و درست مثل یکی که در پایین برازش کاهش یافته بود
سکته ، و تلاش برای زندگی است. اندام او تحریف ؛ بود یکی از او
دور دست clasped شد قاب از صندلی ، و او آن چنان گریبانگیر
سخت است که ما به راحتی نمی توانست او را اجازه آن کار کنند ؛ بازوی دیگر او را نیمه راه توقف کردن
سر او را ، و پاهای خود را هر دو با هم غیر روحانی ، سریع در برابر مجموعه ای از قاب
کابین جدول : به طور خلاصه ، او درست مثل یک در agonies مرگ غیر روحانی ،
و در عین حال او هم زنده بود. موجودی ضعیف بود نه تنها با کمبود
گرسنگی ، وحشت زده و با افکار مرگ ، اما ، همانطور که از مرد به ما گفت
پس از آن ، دل شکسته شد ، برای معشوقه اش ، که او را دیدم برای مردن
دو یا سه روز قبل از آن و چه کسی او را دوست ترین tenderly. ما نمی دانستند
چه باید بکنید با این دختر فقیر ؛ وقتی که جراح برای ما ، که یک مرد بود
دانش بسیار بزرگ و تجربه کرده بود ، با کاربرد بزرگ ،
بهبود خود به عنوان به زندگی ، او را بر دست او بود هنوز ؛ برای او بود
کمی کمتر از پریشان برای یک مدت قابل توجهی بعد از عمل.

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The youth, who was p...
ساعت ۱۱:٤٤ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/٢٩ 
The Further Adventures of Robinson CrusoeThe youth, who was preserved at the price of his most affectionate mother's life, was not so far gone; yet he lay in a cabin bed, as one stretched out, with hardly any life left in him. He had a piece of an old glove in his mouth, having eaten up the rest of it; however, being young, and having more strength than his mother, the mate got something down his throat, and he began sensibly to revive; though by giving him, some time after, but two or three spoonfuls extraordinary, he was very sick, and brought it up again.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
جوانان ، که در قیمت خود را بیشتر حفظ شود مهربان بود
زندگی مادر ، نبود تا کنون رفته ؛ رتبهدهی نشده است او در تخت خواب کابین غیر روحانی ، به عنوان یکی
کشیده کردن ، با هر سختی زندگی او را در سمت چپ. او یک تکه
دستکش های قدیمی را در دهان او ، داشتن خورده تا بقیه از آن ، اما در حال
جوان ، قوت و داشتن بیش از مادر او ، همسر کردم چیزی
گلو پایین او ، و او شروع کرد به sensibly زنده خوهد شد ؛ هر چند با دادن او را ،
مدتی پس از آن ، اما دو یا سه spoonfuls فوق العاده بود بسیار
بیمار و آن را آورده تا دوباره.

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But the misery of the poor passengers in the cabin was of another nature,
ساعت ۱:۳٩ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/٢٦ 
But the misery of the poor passengers in the cabin was of another nature,But the misery of the poor passengers in the cabin was of another nature,

and far beyond the rest; for as, first, the ship's company had so little

for themselves, it was but too true that they had at first kept them very

low, and at last totally neglected them: so that for six or seven days it

might be said they had really no food at all, and for several days before

very little. The poor mother, who, as the men reported, was a woman of

sense and good breeding, had spared all she could so affectionately for

her son, that at last she entirely sank under it; and when the mate of

our ship went in, she sat upon the floor on deck, with her back up

against the sides, between two chairs, which were lashed fast, and her

head sunk between her shoulders like a corpse, though not quite dead. My

mate said all he could to revive and encourage her, and with a spoon put

some broth into her mouth. She opened her lips, and lifted up one hand,

but could not speak: yet she understood what he said, and made signs to

him, intimating, that it was too late for her, but pointed to her child,

as if she would have said they should take care of him. However, the

mate, who was exceedingly moved at the sight, endeavoured to get some of

the broth into her mouth, and, as he said, got two or three spoonfuls

down--though I question whether he could be sure of it or not; but it was

too late, and she died the same night.

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I found the poor men on board almost in a tumult to get the victuals out
ساعت ٧:٠٧ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/٢٦ 
I found the poor men on board almost in a tumult to get the victuals outI found the poor men on board almost in a tumult to get the victuals out

of the boiler before it was ready; but my mate observed his orders, and

kept a good guard at the cook-room door, and the man he placed there,

after using all possible persuasion to have patience, kept them off by

force; however, he caused some biscuit-cakes to be dipped in the pot, and

softened with the liquor of the meat, which they called brewis, and gave

them every one some to stay their stomachs, and told them it was for

their own safety that he was obliged to give them but little at a time.

But it was all in vain; and had I not come on board, and their own

commander and officers with me, and with good words, and some threats

also of giving them no more, I believe they would have broken into the

cook-room by force, and torn the meat out of the furnace--for words are

indeed of very small force to a hungry belly; however, we pacified them,

and fed them gradually and cautiously at first, and the next time gave

them more, and at last filled their bellies, and the men did well enough.

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The wind continued f...
ساعت ٩:٠۳ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/٢۱ 
The Solitary of Juan Fernandez, or, the Real Robinson Crusoe (Dodo Press)The wind continued fresh easterly, but the weather pretty good; and as the winds had continued in the points between NE. and SE. a long time, we missed several opportunities of sending them to France; for we met several ships bound to Europe, whereof two were French, from St. Christopher's, but they had been so long beating up against the wind that they durst take in no passengers, for fear of wanting provisions for the voyage, as well for themselves as for those they should take in; so we were obliged to go on. It was about a week after this that we made the banks of Newfoundland; where, to shorten my story, we put all our French people on board a bark, which they hired at sea there, to put them on shore, and afterwards to carry them to France, if they could get provisions to victual themselves with. When I say all the French went on shore, I should remember that the young priest I spoke of, hearing we were bound to the East Indies, desired to go the voyage with us, and to be set on shore on the coast of Coromandel; which I readily agreed to, for I wonderfully liked the man, and had very good reason, as will appear afterwards; also four of the seamen entered themselves on our ship, and proved very useful fellows.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
باد ادامه داد تازه از طرف شرق است ، اما آب و هوای خوب و به عنوان
بادها در بین نقاط شمال شرقی ادامه داشت. و sé. مدت زمان طولانی ، ما
چند فرصت از دست رفته از ارسال آن ها به فرانسه ؛ برای ما دیدار کرد
کشتی چند محدود به اروپا ، دو تن از آنان از چه فرانسوی ، از خیابان
کریستوفر است ، اما آنها از حد طولانی شده بود ، ضرب و شتم در مقابل باد که
آنها به هیچ durst مسافران را به دلیل ترس از مفاد مایل برای
سفر ، و همچنین برای خود را برای کسانی که آنها را باید به در می کند ؛ بنابراین ما
برای رفتن در موظف شدند. حدود یک هفته پس از این بود که ما ساخته شده
سواحل نیوفاندلند ؛ که در آن ، به داستان کوتاه من ، ما گذاشتن همه فرانسوی ما
مردم در بنگاه پوست ، آنها که در دریا وجود دارد ، استخدام ، به آنها قرار داده در
ساحل ، و پس از آن به آنها را حمل به فرانسه ، اگر آنها می توانند علاقه
اقدامات لازم برای خود غذا ذخیره کردن با. وقتی که من میگویم تمام فرانسه رفت و در
ساحل ، من باید به خاطر داشته باشید که کشیش جوان من صحبت کرد ، شنوایی ما
بودند به شرق هند محدود ، مورد نظر برای رفتن سفر با ما ، و به
باشد در ساحل در ساحل Coromandel تعیین کنند ؛ که من به آسانی به توافق رسیدند ،
برای من زیبا و دوست انسان و به حال دلیل بسیار خوبی ، به عنوان ظاهر خواهد شد
پس از آن ؛ همچنین چهار نفر از seamen خود را در کشتی ما وارد شده ، و
همراهان ثابت بسیار مفید است.

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I thought this was b...
ساعت ٧:٥٧ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/٢۱ 
Robinson Crusoe in Words of One Syllable (Dodo Press)I thought this was but a reasonable request on their part, and therefore I inclined to agree to it; for indeed I considered that to carry this whole company to the East Indies would not only be an intolerable severity upon the poor people, but would be ruining our whole voyage by devouring all our provisions; so I thought it no breach of charter-party, but what an unforeseen accident made absolutely necessary to us, and in which no one could say we were to blame; for the laws of God and nature would have forbid that we should refuse to take up two boats full of people in such a distressed condition; and the nature of the thing, as well respecting ourselves as the poor people, obliged us to set them on shore somewhere or other for their deliverance. So I consented that we would carry them to Newfoundland, if wind and weather would permit: and if not, I would carry them to Martinico, in the West Indies.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
من فکر کردم این بود اما در بخش مناسب درخواست خود را ، و در نتیجه
من تمایل به توافق است ؛ در واقع برای من در نظر گرفته است که برای حمل این
شرکت تمام به شرق هند نه تنها غیر قابل تحمل می شود
شدت بر مردم فقیر ، اما خواهد بود ruining سفر خود را با تمام
بلع تمام مقررات ما ، بنابراین من فکر کردم هیچ از آن را نقض منشور حزب ،
اما چه حادثه پیش بینی نشده ساخته شده کاملا ضروری به ما ، و در
که هیچ کس توان گفت که ما مقصر بودند ؛ برای قوانین خدا و طبیعت
می توانست ممنوع است که ما باید امتناع را به این دو قایق پر از
مردم در چنین وضعیت مضطرب و ماهیت چیزی ، به عنوان
و خودمان را به عنوان احترام به مردم فقیر ، موظف ما را به آنها را در
ساحل و یا در جایی دیگر خود را برای رستگاری. بنابراین من consented که ما
آنها را به حمل نیوفاندلند ، اگر باد و آب و هوا اجازه خواهد : و
اگر نه ، من آنها را به Martinico ادامه دهند ، در غرب هند.

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The first part of th...
ساعت ٦:٤٩ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/٢۱ 
ROBINSON CRUSOEThe first part of the proposal was so generous and kind they could not but be very thankful for it; but they were in very great consternation, especially the passengers, at the notion of being carried away to the East Indies; they then entreated me that as I was driven so far to the westward before I met with them, I would at least keep on the same course to the banks of Newfoundland, where it was probable I might meet with some ship or sloop that they might hire to carry them back to Canada.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
بخش اول از طرح پیشنهادی پس سخاوتمندانه بود و نوع آنها نمی توانست
اما ممکن است بسیار برای ایجاد آن بنویسید سپاسگزار ، اما آنها را در بهت و حیرت بسیار بزرگ بود ،
به ویژه مسافران ، در این تصور بودن انجام دور به
شرق هند ، آنها سپس مرا به عنوان entreated که من تا کنون به رانده شد
در جهت غرب رو قبل از من با آنها دیدار کرد ، من که حداقل در این دوره همان نگه داشتن
به سواحل نیوفاندلند ، جایی که از آن من بود و احتمالی ، ممکن است و ارتباط با
برخی از کشتی یا ارابه مخصوص حمل الوار که آنها ممکن است استخدام آنها را حمل به کانادا می باشد.

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لینک دائم نظر شما () نویسنده: بست
We lay by some time ...
ساعت ۳:۳٢ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۱٩ 
LIFE AND ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOEWe lay by some time upon this, only driving as the burning ship drove, waiting for daylight; when, on a sudden, to our great terror, though we had reason to expect it, the ship blew up in the air; and in a few minutes all the fire was out, that is to say, the rest of the ship sunk. This was a terrible, and indeed an afflicting sight, for the sake of the poor men, who, I concluded, must be either all destroyed in the ship, or be in the utmost distress in their boat, in the middle of the ocean; which, at present, as it was dark, I could not see. However, to direct them as well as I could, I caused lights to be hung out in all parts of the ship where we could, and which we had lanterns for, and kept firing guns all the night long, letting them know by this that there was a ship not far off.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
ما از سوی برخی از زمان بر این غیر روحانی ، فقط به عنوان کشتی سوزش رانندگی راند ،
در انتظار نور روز ؛ هنگامی که ، در ناگهان به وحشت بزرگ ما ، هر چند که ما
حال دلیل آن را انتظار داشت ، تا کشتی در هوا منفجر و در چند
دقیقه تمام شد آتش را ، که قرار است گفت ، بقیه کشتی غرق.
این وحشتناک بود ، و در واقع چشم afflicting ، به خاطر
مردان فقیر ، که ، من این نتیجه رسیدند ، یا باید به صورت همه در کشتی ، و یا تخریب
می شود در دورترین پریشانی در قایق خود ، در وسط اقیانوس ها ؛
که ، در حال حاضر ، تا آن را تاریک بود ، من نمی سازد. با این حال ، به مستقیم
آنها همچنین من می توانم ، من چراغ ها باعث می شود در همه نقاط آویخته
کشتی که در آن می توانیم ، و ما مجبور بودیم که برای فانوس ، نگهداری و پخت
اسلحه تمام شب های طولانی ، آنان را با اجازه می دانیم که این کشتی وجود داشته است
نه چندان دور کردن.

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I was most sensibly ...
ساعت ۱۱:٤٩ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۱٩ 
I was most sensibly touched with this disaster, though not at all acquainted with the persons engaged in it; I presently recollected my former circumstances, and what condition I was in when taken up by the Portuguese captain; and how much more deplorable the circumstances of the poor creatures belonging to that ship must be, if they had no other ship in company with them. Upon this I immediately ordered that five guns should be fired, one soon after another, that, if possible, we might give notice to them that there was help for them at hand and that they might endeavour to save themselves in their boat; for though we could see the flames of the ship, yet they, it being night, could see nothing of us.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
من اکثر sensibly با این فاجعه را لمس بود ، اما نه در همه
آشنا با افراد درگیر در آن است ؛ من در حال حاضر recollected من
شرایط سابق ، و چه وضعیت من در زمانی که از طرف گرفته شد
پرتغالی کاپیتان و چقدر اسفناک شرایط
موجودات فقیر متعلق به کشتی است که باید باشد ، اگر آنها به حال هیچ کشتی های دیگر
در شرکت با آنها. پس از این من بلافاصله دستور داد که اسلحه و پنج
باید باشد و به زودی اخراج یکی پس از دیگری می شود ، یعنی اگر امکان داشته باشد ، ممکن است ما را
توجه به اینکه آنها را که به کمک آنها را در دست گرفت و وجود دارد که آنها ممکن است
به جد و جهد خود را در قایق نجات خود ، برای ما چه می تواند را ببینید
شعله از کشتی است و هنوز آنها ، این که شب ، می تواند چیزی از ما را ببینید.

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لینک دائم نظر شما () نویسنده: بست
We set out on the 5t...
ساعت ٩:۱٥ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۱٩ 
We set out on the 5th of February from Ireland, and had a very fair gale of wind for some days. As I remember, it might be about the 20th of February in the evening late, when the mate, having the watch, came into the round-house and told us he saw a flash of fire, and heard a gun fired; and while he was telling us of it, a boy came in and told us the boatswain heard another. This made us all run out upon the quarter-deck, where for a while we heard nothing; but in a few minutes we saw a very great light, and found that there was some very terrible fire at a distance; immediately we had recourse to our reckonings, in which we all agreed that there could be no land that way in which the fire showed itself, no, not for five hundred leagues, for it appeared at WNW. Upon this, we concluded it must be some ship on fire at sea; and as, by our hearing the noise of guns just before, we concluded that it could not be far off, we stood directly towards it, and were presently satisfied we should discover it, because the further we sailed, the greater the light appeared; though, the weather being hazy, we could not perceive anything but the light for a while. In about half-an-hour's sailing, the wind being fair for us, though not much of it, and the weather clearing up a little, we could plainly discern that it was a great ship on fire in the middle of the sea.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
ما در خارج 5th of February از ایرلند تعیین می کنند ، و به حال باد بسیار عادلانه
باد برای برخی از روز است. همانطور که به یاد داشته باشید ، ممکن است در مورد 20th باشد از
یدلایمخیرات فوریه در شب ، هنگامی که همسر ، با تماشا ، در آمد
گرد خانه و گفت : ما او را دیدم فلش از آتش ، و شنیدم تفنگ
اخراج ؛ و در حالی که او به ما گفتن از آن ، پسر در آمد و گفت : ما
افسر کشتی دیگری شنیده. این همه ما ساخته شده را اجرا کردن بر ربع عرشه ،
جایی که برای ما در حالی که هیچ چیزی شنیده ، اما در چند دقیقه دیدیم خیلی
نور بزرگ و متوجه شد که برخی از آتش سوزی بسیار وحشتناک در آنجا بود
از راه دور ؛ بلافاصله ما رجوع به reckonings به حال ما ، که در آن همه ما
توافق شده است که می تواند وجود داشته باشد که هیچ سرزمین راه است که در آن آتش را نشان داد
خود را ، نه ، نه به خاطر پانصد لیگ ، برای آن در جنوب را ببینید. پس از
، ما به این نتیجه رسیدند که باید برخی از آتش سوزی در کشتی در دریا ؛ و به عنوان ، توسط ما
دادرسی سر و صدا از اسلحه درست قبل از ، ما به این نتیجه رسیدند که آن را نمی توانست باشد
دور کردن ، ما را مستقیما به سوی آن ایستاده ، در حال حاضر راضی شدند و ما
باید آن را ، به دلیل کشف بیشتر ما sailed ، بزرگتر نور
ظاهر شد ؛ هر چند آب و هوا گیج می شود ، ما نمی توانستند حس کردن هر چیزی
اما در حالی که برای نور. در حدود نیم ساعت قایق سواری است ، باد
برای ما عادلانه است ، اگر چه نه چندان از آن ، و آب و هوا صاف می شود
کوچک ، ما به سادگی می تواند از آن است که یک کشتی بزرگ در آتش سوزی در تمیز دادن بود
وسط دریا.

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I had not such bad l...
ساعت ٥:۱٩ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۱٦ 
I had not such bad luck in this voyage as I had been used to meet with, and therefore shall have the less occasion to interrupt the reader, who perhaps may be impatient to hear how matters went with my colony; yet some odd accidents, cross winds and bad weather happened on this first setting out, which made the voyage longer than I expected it at first; and I, who had never made but one voyage, my first voyage to Guinea, in which I might be said to come back again, as the voyage was at first designed, began to think the same ill fate attended me, and that I was born to be never contented with being on shore, and yet to be always unfortunate at sea. Contrary winds first put us to the northward, and we were obliged to put in at Galway, in Ireland, where we lay wind-bound two- and-twenty days; but we had this satisfaction with the disaster, that provisions were here exceeding cheap, and in the utmost plenty; so that while we lay here we never touched the ship's stores, but rather added to them. Here, also, I took in several live hogs, and two cows with their calves, which I resolved, if I had a good passage, to put on shore in my island; but we found occasion to dispose otherwise of them.
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لینک دائم نظر شما () نویسنده: بست
I carried also a hun...
ساعت ۱:٢۸ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۱٦ 
THE ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOEI carried also a hundred spare arms, muskets, and fusees; besides some pistols, a considerable quantity of shot of all sizes, three or four tons of lead, and two pieces of brass cannon; and, because I knew not what time and what extremities I was providing for, I carried a hundred barrels of powder, besides swords, cutlasses, and the iron part of some pikes and halberds. In short, we had a large magazine of all sorts of store; and I made my nephew carry two small quarter-deck guns more than he wanted for his ship, to leave behind if there was occasion; so that when we came there we might build a fort and man it against all sorts of enemies. Indeed, I at first thought there would be need enough for all, and much more, if we hoped to maintain our possession of the island, as shall be seen in the course of that story.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
من نیز به اجرا درآمد صد اسلحه یدکی ، muskets و fusees ؛ علاوه بر این برخی از
تپانچه ، مقدار قابل توجهی از شات از تمام اندازه ها ، سه یا چهار تن
سرب ، و دو قطعه از توپ برنج و ، چون میدانستم که چه
چه زمان و اندام را برای من فراهم بود ، من به اجرا درآمد صد
بشکه پودر ، علاوه بر شمشیر ، cutlasses ، و برخی از قسمت های آهن
pikes و halberds. به طور خلاصه ، ما به حال مجله ی بزرگی از تمام انواع
فروشگاه و من به پسر برادرم به حمل دو اسلحه کوچک ربع عرشه بیش از
او کشتی را برای او می خواستم ، به مرخصی به مناسبت پشت سر اگر وجود نداشت به طوری که
هنگامی که ما به وجود آمد که ما ممکن است برج و بارو و ساختن انسان آن را در برابر همه انواع
دشمنان. در واقع ، من در ابتدا تصور می شود وجود دارد باید به اندازه کافی برای همه است ،
و بسیاری دیگر ، اگر ما امیدوار به حفظ ما از در اختیار داشتن جزیره ، به عنوان
باید در این دوره از داستان است که دیده نمی شوند.

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My cargo, as near as...
ساعت ٩:٥٥ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۱٥ 
Robinson Crusoe (Everyman's Library Children's Classics)My cargo, as near as I can recollect, for I have not kept account of the particulars, consisted of a sufficient quantity of linen, and some English thin stuffs, for clothing the Spaniards that I expected to find there; and enough of them, as by my calculation might comfortably supply them for seven years; if I remember right, the materials I carried for clothing them, with gloves, hats, shoes, stockings, and all such things as they could want for wearing, amounted to about two hundred pounds, including some beds, bedding, and household stuff, particularly kitchen utensils, with pots, kettles, pewter, brass, &c.; and near a hundred pounds more in ironwork, nails, tools of every kind, staples, hooks, hinges, and every necessary thing I could think of.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
محموله من ، تا نزدیک من می توانم به عنوان بحر تفکر غوطهور شدن ، برای من حساب نگهداری نیست
خاص ، شامل مقدار کافی از پارچه کتانی ، و برخی از
انگلیسی نازک مواد ، برای لباس Spaniards انتظار می رود که من را پیدا
وجود دارد ، و به اندازه کافی از آنها ، همانگونه که به راحتی در محاسبات من ممکن است عرضه
آنها را در هفت سال اخیر ؛ اگر من به خاطر حق ، مواد من را برای به اجرا درآمد
لباس آنها را با دستکش ، کلاه ، کفش ، جوراب ساق بلند ، و همه چیز از جمله
به آنها می تواند برای پوشیدن می خواهم ، amounted به حدود دو hundred پوند
از جمله بعضی از تخت ، ملافه ، و چیزهای خانوار ، به ویژه آشپزخانه
پلو پز اوتوماتیک ، با گلدان kettles تحت فشار ، پیوتر ، برنج ، & C. ؛ و نزدیک به صد
پوند بیشتر در اهن الات ، ناخن ، ابزار از هر نوع ، استیپلز ، قلاب ،
لولا ، و هر چیز لازم می تواند از من فکر می کنم.

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First, I carried wit...
ساعت ٦:٠٤ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۱٥ 
The Further Adventures of Robinson CrusoeFirst, I carried with me some servants whom I purposed to place there as inhabitants, or at least to set on work there upon my account while I stayed, and either to leave them there or carry them forward, as they should appear willing; particularly, I carried two carpenters, a smith, and a very handy, ingenious fellow, who was a cooper by trade, and was also a general mechanic; for he was dexterous at making wheels and hand- mills to grind corn, was a good turner and a good pot-maker; he also made anything that was proper to make of earth or of wood: in a word, we called him our Jack-of-all-trades. With these I carried a tailor, who had offered himself to go a passenger to the East Indies with my nephew, but afterwards consented to stay on our new plantation, and who proved a most necessary handy fellow as could be desired in many other businesses besides that of his trade; for, as I observed formerly, necessity arms us for all employments.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
اول ، من را با من انجام برخی از بندگان من purposed آنها را به محل وجود دارد به عنوان
جمعیت ، یا حداقل به روی آنها کار کنید مجموعه ای وجود دارد پس از حساب من در حالی که من
ماند ، و یا آنها را ترک وجود دارد و یا حمل آنها را به جلو ، همانطور که
باید به نظر می رسد مایل ؛ به خصوص من به اجرا درآمد دو نجاران ، اسمیت ،
و بسیار سودمند ، شخص دارای قوه ابتکار ، که توسط کوپر تجارت بود ، و
همچنین مکانیک عمومی ؛ برای او در ساخت چرخ ها و دست زبر دست بود
میلز به خرد کردن ذرت ، تراش کار خوب و دیگ ساز خوب بود ، او نیز ساخته شده
هر چیزی را که مناسب بود به زمین و یا از چوب ساخت : در یک کلمه ، ما
او را به نام جک ما ، از تمام معاملات. با این من به اجرا درآمد خیاط ، که
خود را ارائه کرده برای رفتن مسافر به شرق هند با برادرزاده من ،
اما پس از آن در کشت و زرع به consented جدید ما باشید ، و چه کسی ثابت
لازم ترین رفیق دستی به عنوان کسب و کار می تواند در بسیاری از دیگر مورد نظر باشد
علاوه بر این که تجارت خود را ، برای ، همانگونه که قبلا مشاهده شد ، اسلحه ضرورت با ما
برای همه employments.

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My nephew knew nothi...
ساعت ٢:۱۳ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۱٥ 
The Sexual Life of Robinson CrusoeMy nephew knew nothing how far my distemper of wandering was returned upon me, and I knew nothing of what he had in his thought to say, when that very morning, before he came to me, I had, in a great deal of confusion of thought, and revolving every part of my circumstances in my mind, come to this resolution, that I would go to Lisbon, and consult with my old sea-captain; and if it was rational and practicable, I would go and see the island again, and what was become of my people there. I had pleased myself with the thoughts of peopling the place, and carrying inhabitants from hence, getting a patent for the possession and I know not what; when, in the middle of all this, in comes my nephew, as I have said, with his project of carrying me thither in his way to the East Indies.
گوگل ALPHA چنین ترجمه کرده است:
برادرزاده من می دانستم هیچ چیزی چقدر ناراحت کردن من سرگردان شد بازگشت
بر من ، و من می دانستم که هیچ چیزی از آنچه او در فکر او بود برای گفتن ، زمانی که
همان صبح ، قبل از او به من آمد ، من در یک معامله بزرگ بود
سردرگمی فکر ، و گردان هر شرایطی بخشی از من در من
ذهن ، رسیدن به این قطعنامه ، که من به لیسبون برود ، و مشورت
دریا قدیمی من با کاپیتان - ؛ و اگر منطقی بود و قابل اجرا است ، من
بروید و ببینید جزیره دوباره ، و چه چیزی از قوم من در آنجا تبدیل شده بود. من
من خودم با افکار peopling محل خشنود بود ، و حمل
ساکنان از این رو ، اخذ حق ثبت اختراع برای در اختیار داشتن و من می دانم
نه آن چیزی که ؛ در زمانی که در وسط این همه ، در می آید برادرزاده من ، به عنوان من
، با پروژه های خود را از حمل من به آنجا در راه خود به شرق گفت :

کلمات کلیدی: داستان کوتاه ، کتاب ، عکس ، فیلم
لینک دائم نظر شما () نویسنده: بست
I farmed upon my own...
ساعت ۱۱:٢۳ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٦/۱٥ 
THE ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOE (GREAT ILLUSTRATED CLASSICS)I farmed upon my own land; I had no rent to pay, was limited by no articles; I could pull up or cut down as I pleased; what I planted was for myself, and what I improved was for my family; and having thus left off the thoughts of wandering, I had not the least discomfort in any part of life as to this world. Now I thought, indeed, that I enjoyed the middle state of life which my father so earnestly recommended to me, and lived a kind of heavenly life, something like what is described by the poet, upon the subject of a country life:--
کلمات کلیدی: داستان کوتاه ، کتاب ، عکس ، فیلم
لینک دائم نظر شما () نویسنده: بست
It was now the begin...
ساعت ۱۱:۱٢ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٥/۱۸ 
It was now the beginning of the year 1693, when my nephew, whom, as I
have observed before, I had brought up to the sea, and had made him
commander of a ship, was come home from a short voyage to Bilbao, being
the first he had made. He came to me, and told me that some merchants of
his acquaintance had been proposing to him to go a voyage for them to the
East Indies, and to China, as private traders. "And now, uncle," says
he, "if you will go to sea with me, I will engage to land you upon your
old habitation in the island; for we are to touch at the Brazils."

ادامه دارد...
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لینک دائم نظر شما () نویسنده: بست
When I came to Londo...
ساعت ۱۱:۱٢ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٥/۱۸ 
When I came to London, I was still as uneasy as I was before; I had no
relish for the place, no employment in it, nothing to do but to saunter
about like an idle person, of whom it may be said he is perfectly useless
in God's creation, and it is not one farthing's matter to the rest of his
kind whether he be dead or alive. This also was the thing which, of all
circumstances of life, was the most my aversion, who had been all my days
used to an active life; and I would often say to myself, "A state of
idleness is the very dregs of life;" and, indeed, I thought I was much
more suitably employed when I was twenty-six days making a deal board.

ادامه دارد...
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لینک دائم نظر شما () نویسنده: بست
But my sage counsell...
ساعت ٧:٥٦ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٥/۱۸ 
But my sage counsellor was gone; I was like a ship without a pilot, that
could only run afore the wind. My thoughts ran all away again into the
old affair; my head was quite turned with the whimsies of foreign
adventures; and all the pleasant, innocent amusements of my farm, my
garden, my cattle, and my family, which before entirely possessed me,
were nothing to me, had no relish, and were like music to one that has no
ear, or food to one that has no taste. In a word, I resolved to leave
off housekeeping, let my farm, and return to London; and in a few months
after I did so.

ادامه دارد...
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لینک دائم نظر شما () نویسنده: بست
This put me in mind ...
ساعت ٦:۱٦ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٥/۱۸ 
This put me in mind of the life I lived in my kingdom, the island; where
I suffered no more corn to grow, because I did not want it; and bred no
more goats, because I had no more use for them; where the money lay in
the drawer till it grew mouldy, and had scarce the favour to be looked
upon in twenty years. All these things, had I improved them as I ought
to have done, and as reason and religion had dictated to me, would have
taught me to search farther than human enjoyments for a full felicity;
and that there was something which certainly was the reason and end of
life superior to all these things, and which was either to be possessed,
or at least hoped for, on this side of the grave.

ادامه دارد...
کلمات کلیدی: کتاب ، داستان ، ادبیات ، اینگلیسی
لینک دائم نظر شما () نویسنده: بست
When she was gone, t...
ساعت ٤:۳٦ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٥/۱۸ 
When she was gone, the world looked awkwardly round me. I was as much a
stranger in it, in my thoughts, as I was in the Brazils, when I first
went on shore there; and as much alone, except for the assistance of
servants, as I was in my island. I knew neither what to think nor what
to do. I saw the world busy around me: one part labouring for bread,
another part squandering in vile excesses or empty pleasures, but equally
miserable because the end they proposed still fled from them; for the men
of pleasure every day surfeited of their vice, and heaped up work for
sorrow and repentance; and the men of labour spent their strength in
daily struggling for bread to maintain the vital strength they laboured
with: so living in a daily circulation of sorrow, living but to work, and
working but to live, as if daily bread were the only end of wearisome
life, and a wearisome life the only occasion of daily bread.

ادامه دارد...
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لینک دائم نظر شما () نویسنده: بست
"Free from vices,...
ساعت ٢:٥٥ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٥/۱۸ 
"Free from vices, free from care,
Age has no pain, and youth no snare."

But in the middle of all this felicity, one blow from unseen Providence
unhinged me at once; and not only made a breach upon me inevitable and
incurable, but drove me, by its consequences, into a deep relapse of the
wandering disposition, which, as I may say, being born in my very blood,
soon recovered its hold of me; and, like the returns of a violent
distemper, came on with an irresistible force upon me. This blow was the
loss of my wife. It is not my business here to write an elegy upon my
wife, give a character of her particular virtues, and make my court to
the sex by the flattery of a funeral sermon. She was, in a few words,
the stay of all my affairs; the centre of all my enterprises; the engine
that, by her prudence, reduced me to that happy compass I was in, from
the most extravagant and ruinous project that filled my head, and did
more to guide my rambling genius than a mother's tears, a father's
instructions, a friend's counsel, or all my own reasoning powers could
do. I was happy in listening to her, and in being moved by her
entreaties; and to the last degree desolate and dislocated in the world
by the loss of her.

ادامه دارد...
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لینک دائم نظر شما () نویسنده: بست
Nay, farther, the co...
ساعت ۱:۱٥ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٥/۱۸ 
Nay, farther, the common motive of foreign adventures was taken away in
me, for I had no fortune to make; I had nothing to seek: if I had gained
ten thousand pounds I had been no richer; for I had already sufficient
for me, and for those I had to leave it to; and what I had was visibly
increasing; for, having no great family, I could not spend the income of
what I had unless I would set up for an expensive way of living, such as
a great family, servants, equipage, gaiety, and the like, which were
things I had no notion of, or inclination to; so that I had nothing,
indeed, to do but to sit still, and fully enjoy what I had got, and see
it increase daily upon my hands. Yet all these things had no effect upon
me, or at least not enough to resist the strong inclination I had to go
abroad again, which hung about me like a chronic distemper. In
particular, the desire of seeing my new plantation in the island, and the
colony I left there, ran in my head continually. I dreamed of it all
night, and my imagination ran upon it all day: it was uppermost in all my
thoughts, and my fancy worked so steadily and strongly upon it that I
talked of it in my sleep; in short, nothing could remove it out of my
mind: it even broke so violently into all my discourses that it made my
conversation tiresome, for I could talk of nothing else; all my discourse
ran into it, even to impertinence; and I saw it myself.

ادامه دارد...
کلمات کلیدی: کتاب ، داستان ، ادبیات ، اینگلیسی
لینک دائم نظر شما () نویسنده: بست
ساعت ۱٢:٠٢ ‎ق.ظ روز ۱۳۸۸/٥/۱۸ 

That homely proverb, used on so many occasions in England, viz. "That
what is bred in the bone will not go out of the flesh," was never more
verified than in the story of my Life. Any one would think that after
thirty-five years' affliction, and a variety of unhappy circumstances,
which few men, if any, ever went through before, and after near seven
years of peace and enjoyment in the fulness of all things; grown old, and
when, if ever, it might be allowed me to have had experience of every
state of middle life, and to know which was most adapted to make a man
completely happy; I say, after all this, any one would have thought that
the native propensity to rambling which I gave an account of in my first
setting out in the world to have been so predominant in my thoughts,
should be worn out, and I might, at sixty one years of age, have been a
little inclined to stay at home, and have done venturing life and fortune
any more.

ادامه دارد...
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